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Coincidence: just another way of explaining the unexplainable


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Skinny: Don't go down that road.


Imagine you're driving home one night. You get lost on a rain-slicked country road, and for no reason at all, you get pulled over by the local police. And just when you think things could not get worse, they haul you into jail and throw away the key. Your crime? You're Too Skinny.

In the town of Plenty, things are not what they seem. There is a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about, and what is roaming around in the tunnels below the town, no one dares mention.

Johnny Beckman is just an average guy who took a wrong turn on a dark road one night. What happened to him then, he could not have predicted. What happened next, he could never have imagined.

There are certain crimes that can get a man in trouble, but in the town of Plenty, none are more serious than that of being too skinny.