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Below are the codes to the Detective Marcella Witch's series E-books on Smashwords. These codes will let you download the E-books in any format your e-reader device requires (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.,)

Smashwords provides easy instructions letting you know how to import the downloaded books onto your specific device. It's not hard, but it is just a little bit more work than getting it directly from Amazon, Apple or whomever. Anyway, it's worth it. Hope you enjoy.


First copy codes, then click the blue Smashwords link below:

Book one: The Witch’s Ladder. Code = YS93J 

Book two: Eye of the Witch. Code = FREE

Book three: The Witch’s Key. Code = TJ52K 

Book four: Bones of a Witch. Code = EP38U 

Book five: Witch House Code = HN98U 

Book six: Kiss the Witch Code = RJ28E 

Book seven: Call of the Witch Code = BQ78E 

Book eight: Gone is the Witch. Code = MJ35U 

Book nine: Return of the Witch. Code = SD28W 

Book ten: Bury the Witch. Code = EQ25T  *

Book eleven: Soul of a Witch. Code = KA37G 


Codes may expire without warning